How 4/20 Sales, Deals Bring 3-Times Higher Sales Than Average

4/20 is the biggest cannabis holiday of the year, and sales are everywhere for cannabis shoppers to get their favorite products at a discount. To stock up, several key dispensaries are running deals and sales, and the week of 4/20 is an essential time to get new customers in the door and move products.

As Max Miller, CEO of Paybotic recently shared with Toke Tank in a guest article entitled, 10 Best Tips for Cannabis Dispensaries to Gear Up for the 4/20 Shopping Holiday: “Sales on 4/20 are typically three times higher than on an average day, and customers are more likely to make larger purchases. Planning ahead and offering promotions can help you take advantage of this increase in demand and encourage customers to make purchases.”

Many brands have planned ahead to offer days of excitement for their customers. For Exclusive Brands, 4/20 lasts for 20 entire days – not just the actual day of cannabis celebration – and they’re culminating the fun on 4/20 with vendor days each day at all their locations: Ann Arbor, Coldwater, Gaylord, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lapeer, Lowell, Monroe, and Muskegon Medical.

Exclusive Brands is offering 1/2 off all products from the 20 days of 4/20 and doing drawings to give away a PS5, a TV, and $250 cash at each location.

Hippos is another dispensary taking advantage of the advice to host specific events and deals in honor of 4/20. They took a page from Miller’s playbook, as he shared, “Creating a fun and exciting environment for your customers can help your business stand out from competitors.” 

All locations will be offering deals in store as well as exciting giveaways, food & drinks, and Hippos team speakers all day long.

4/20 Deals at all Hippos locations:
$100 Ounces, limit 1 per guest
$20 Atta 1g cart, limit 2 per guest
$200 Sundro Mix & Match Ounce, limit 1 per guest

Hippos Columbia: At Hippos’ Columbia location, the 4/20 celebration will include a live DJ from 12pm to 5pm as well as a food truck on site.

Hippos Chesterfield: At Hippos’ Chesterfield location, the team will be partnering with Espinos for an amazing 4/20! There will be live music on the patio at Espinos as well as Taco coupons for Espinos-provided purchases at Hippos.

Hippos Springfield: At Hippos’ Springfield Location, there will be two live DJ sets from 10am to 2pm & 5pm to 9pm, as well as a Cookie Truck on site starting at 9am.

Customers planning to stock up on cannabis products will love the discounts at these locations.

Dispensaries are sure to be prepared for the large increase in traffic on 4/20, which Paybotic recommends. Miller continued: “Managing a boost in sales is simple when your store has a dedicated system for payments and cash handling. Be sure to plan ahead so your systems can handle an increase in business, and you’re well-positioned to manage a boom in cash flow on 4/20.”

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