AUXO Cira, Luxury Vaping Brings Customized Experiences

Luxury vaping is the new “it” trend, and for good reason. There have been many companies creating low-quality, cheap vaporizers that are unsafe within the past few years and consumers who are currently spending a majority of their time at home are now looking for vaporizers that are more than just a tool, but also provide a relaxing, tasteful experience and add to their living aesthetic. Quality will always reign supreme. 

In line with this trend is the recently launched AUXO™ Cira vaporizer, specifically designed to provide users with an experience-enhancing, at-home consumption. Cira combines high-quality materials like borosilicate glass, titanium, and quartz, distinctive anti-scalding wave design, and heat-resistant materials. 

Joe Strain, VP of Product Development of AUXO™, stated that AUXO created Cira because it is a “great opportunity to spearhead the imminent need for products that are both cutting-edge and beautiful in design and functionality,” and because “U.S. consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their purchasing and consumption habits.” 

One great thing about vaping over smoking should be the ability to control the temperature of your session – which brings out more flavors and terpenes. Cira creates a completely custom experience by using AUXO’s avant-garde, patent-pending heating technology that allows users to fully control the temperature for a more balanced burn with as little as 20 seconds of preheating, and heating options ranging from 450 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Vaping with friends? Cira’s heating technology allows you to keep the fun going and extend vaping sessions by at least 15 seconds mid-cycle. 

The Cira is more than functional though – it’s beautiful. From the comfortable grip to the OLED  monitor displays temperature and battery life, this could be a great addition to any solo or group session. The glass piece really gives it an edge and makes it something you might want to leave on display, even when you’re not using it. 

Cira is a luxury product that takes vaping to the next level with its innovative technology and comfort. It seems like something that will last a long time and provide you with an enjoyable cannabis consumption experience that you’ll want to share with others. 

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