Cannabis Industry Bowling Tournament Gifts CannaKids Patient CBD Oils This Christmas

A California cannabis industry bowling tournament funded one patient’s CBD oil this Christmas.

The Big Lebongski Bowling Tournament series bowlers earned $4.20 a strike for cannabis charities on December 17 at Bowlero Mar Vista in Los Angeles. Eighteen cannabis industry bowlers competed in the Supreme Organics sponsored event, earning $249.90 for charities CannaKids and Marine Qweens.

Tracy Ryan, CEO of Cannakids, said “This is amazing! Thanks so much guys! 100% of this money will be donated to a patient in need as a Christmas gift so they have money for their oils!” Supreme Organics will be donating the money to CannaKids.

California-based charity CannaKids supplies CBD oil to adults and kids, specializing in pediatric cancer, autism and epilepsy. “We are so appreciative to this incredible organization for their generosity towards our patients,” said Ryan. “So many families suffer extreme financial hardships when their child is stricken with disease, and it’s events like this that allow us to continue to provide free medicine to those in need.”

Marine Qweenz is an organization whose mission is to educate, empower, and inspire those suffering from the residuals of serving in the military.

The  winning team Edibles List Magazine claimed The Little Lebongski bowling trophy plus each team member scored a nifty bowling pin pipe. The next tournament takes place  January 27, 2018 at Bowlero Woodland Hills.

The victorious squad is also invited to The Big Lebongski Tournament of Champions on April 22 in Burbank, California – where the grand championship team gets to take home The Big Lebongski trophy.

Before the final tournament this spring, the bowling league has a mystery to solve. The Big Lebongski Touring Bowling Tournament series trophy was stolen last week, in a scenario eerily similar to the rug heist in The Big Lebowski.  A police report was filed with the Mission Hills California police department.

A reward is being offered for the trophy. Michael Hurt, CEO of tournament sponsor Supreme Organics, said “We will give anyone who provides information that leads to the safe return of the relic a year-long supply of Supreme Organics products — as long, of course, the individual possesses a valid California doctor’s recommendation.”

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