Emerald Conference Shines Spotlight on Cannabis Science and Industry Safety

Unique cannabis event invites cannabis researchers, technicians, regulators, and business owners to San Diego to explore cannabis innovation. 

There is no shortage of cannabis industry events these days. Consumers, business owners, and industry insiders are all lured to flashy events where companies push sales more than industry concerns. 

The Emerald Conference is different. Focusing on the scientific aspects of the cannabis industry, the Emerald Conference addresses critical issues facing the cannabis industry, including vaporizer safety, product testing and compliance, and cannabinoid research.

That is why it has become the go-to event for legal cannabis business owners, cannabis regulators, testing labs, and anyone interested in the science behind the cannabis plant. The Emerald Conference has also become the place to generate partnerships and kickstart collaborations in the cannabis scientific community. 

I had a chance to sit down with Wes Burk, President of Emerald Scientific, to learn about his company’s event and its core mission. The Emerald Conference was first held in 2014 in San Diego for the scientific minded in the cannabis community with the goal of advancing the industry in testing, extraction, and more by curating the richest scientific content for the cannabis industry. 

“The Emerald Conference brings the industry access to the latest and most technical advances in terms of what’s being done in research and information. We draw the top scientists in the field because the presentation of information at the Emerald Conference is really deep science,” Burk revealed to Cashinbis. “The Emerald Conference offers the best opportunity to learn about cutting edge scientific developments from cannabis analytics, cultivation, regulatory compliance, extraction & formulation to pre-clinical and clinical research while networking with the best scientists in our industry.”

The event’s hosts expect 1000 attendees at this boutique event catered to the scientific community. The purpose of the event is to bring the latest developments to the forefront of the cannabis industry to ensure quality and safety and promote innovation. The Emerald Conference features more than 20 speakers from areas like clinical research, processing, testing and analysis, regulatory compliance, and more. In this age of legal cannabis, why should our industry be concerned with the science of cannabis?

“Science is the discipline through which we can address the most important objective, consumer safety. To sustain a thriving industry we must ensure the consumer has access to safe, reliable products that deliver predictable, beneficial outcomes. Only through rigorous science can we realize the full potential of the plant, its constitutes, and all the potential derivative products,” Burk told Cashinbis.

It is through a greater understanding of the science of cannabis that our industry can best protect consumers while creating top of the line cannabis products. This high quality and consistency in products will create trust in consumers and regulatory bodies alike and reaffirm our industry’s validity. That is why science based events like the Emerald Conference are so critical. 

“It’s important to test cannabis products so that the consumer can have consistent and predictable outcomes with the use of this plant,” Burk continued. “The cannabis industry has made so much ground in the last five years in terms of getting rid of the stigma and adopting the reality that this plant is very beneficial in many applications. That momentum can only be continued if the consumer is safe and if they can expect a predictable and reliable outcome.” 

The event doesn’t just focus on educating on the science behind cannabis, though; it also promotes a closer knit cannabis scientific community. The Emerald Conference will host four networking events where cannabis industry insiders can meet to discuss their work, their interests, and the most pertinent topics in the industry today. 

In the past, these networking events have been the impetus for exciting collaborative projects in the cannabis space. With a guest list that includes a who’s who of the cannabis scientific and business community, casual conversations can quickly develop into innovative collaborations. 

The event also hosts a charity golf tournament. This year, proceeds from the golf outing will support the Last Prisoner Project, which is “dedicated to repairing the past and continuing harms of the criminalization of cannabis through intervention, advocacy, and awareness campaigns.” This is the second year that the Emerald Conference has included its Emerald Classic charity golf tournament as part of its events. 

The Emerald Conference is scheduled for February 26-29, 2020. The event will be held in San Diego at the beautiful oceanfront Loews Coronado Bay Resort, providing the event with an incredible backdrop. 

Whether you are looking to start a legal cannabis business or are already operating in the legal cannabis space, the Emerald Conference will give you the scientific understanding and the contacts to succeed and positively impact the cannabis industry. You can learn more about the Emerald Conference and reserve your spot here

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