Marijuana THC Potency Test Kit


Imagine walking into a dispensary and being able to test the medicine you are about to purchase and ensure it has the levels of THC that are being advertised. Imagine being a medical marijuana cultivator that must deliver marijuana products with a specific potency of THC in it. Currently if you want to test your plants, you have to send it away to a laboratory and wait days or more often weeks for the results. Once those results come back, your plant is ready for harvest and it is too late to adjust the nutrients or growing conditions to boost your potency. Not to mention the cost, at between $80-$250 per, isn’t cost effective to test each plant or to test multiple times during the growing cycle. This is now a possibility with AA’s (Ascendant Analytics Inc.) THC Potency Test Kit. Recently in Oregon, legislature was passed taking marijuana infused edibles off the shelf and their reason – there is currently no way to know the potency of edible products thereby making them unsafe for consumers.

The onsite THC Potency Test Kit changes the game in the marijuana sector. It will allow cultivators to grow better more consistent product with periodic testing during the growth cycle through harvest. It will allow the dispensary to test and control product from their distributors as they make purchasing choices for their stores. It allows the consumer to finally know what they are really getting when they purchase their medicine.

It will allow cultivators to grow better more consistent product with periodic testing during the growth cycle through harvest.

Imagine asking the clerk behind the counter at your neighborhood dispensary to provide a small sample that gets dropped into a vial. Pour the scientifically blended reagents into the vial and place the lid on tight. Give it a shake and see the color change before your eyes. The darker the shade, the more THC present in the sample. Compare your test results with the included color chart and corresponding ranges so you can make the informed decision for your purchase.

On June 10, 2014, Tetra Micro Labs Inc. completed an agreement with DGRI through its subsidiary Ascendant Analytics Inc. to sell the patent rights for an easy to use THC Potency Test Kit that will give consumers the same basic results that an offsite lab testing can give without having to spend hundreds of dollars and waiting days or weeks for results.

Dan Hollis, CEO of DGRI, believes the development of this test kit will change the way business is done in the marijuana sector. We are pleased that Tetra Micro Labs Inc. along with our resources will be assisting in laying down the foundation for the distribution network. We anticipate to begin taking orders this quarter and delivery to execute by Q4 of 2014. We have already received positive results from dispensaries wanting to carry AA’s THC Potency Test Kit and we will continue to build the distribution network as we grow.

While we forge our way into this new and exciting market with MMJ related issues, it’s nice to have connections like Cashinbis give us the opportunity to be seen by millions. It’s all about the community and having a product that will make a difference in the legal cannabis business arena.

Written by: Angela Knittel

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