What You Must Know Before Going to A Marijuana Dispensary

What You Must Know Before Going to A Marijuana Dispensary

Before you pay a visit to any marijuana dispensary, there are some vital things you must know.

You need identification

You can’t access marijuana freely as at now. You must bring authorization papers or medical cannabis ID cards that can help you validate your need for marijuana.

You mustn’t smoke at the dispensary

Marijuana products should not be consumed in any manner at the premises of the dispensary. You will be asked to leave if you are found packing, rolling or smoking. You could be under the surveillance of the police or cameras if you attempt to consume the products outside.

Do not take your own weed there

These dispensaries only sell packaged and labeled marijuana. Loose products on their premises put them at risk of losing their license. It is just like bars where you can’t bring in your own alcohol

Payments are made with cash alone and there is no discount

Dispensaries are not allowed to process debit or credit cards and accept checks. So, all payments must be made in cash. The dispensary might be more expensive than normal street price, but you are getting the legal distribution of the product, production that is controlled and better product quality. You are also paying a lot in tax. Marijuana products are heavily regulated by the government. You should not ask for any discount. One of the requirements for legalization is the tracking of every seed till it is produced and sold. If the seller isn’t accurate with the price or weight, there could be serious consequences.

The privacy of others should be respected

A lot of dispensaries have a ‘no photography’ policy. They do not allow you to use your phone in the dispensary. Even if phones are allowed at the dispensary, taking photos, texting and chatting can be annoying for dispensary employees and fellow customers.

The time of the budtender must be valued

You shouldn’t go in and start telling stories about your day. The budtenders can give you good advice on shatter, concentrates, and edibles. But these budtenders are not ordinary retail clerks. They have good experience and training on everything related to marijuana. They know a lot about their inventory and they can fit all these into finding something that suits your tastes, required high and medical condition. For those who know their marijuana well, they can introduce you to new strains and products. So, you have to respect them and their time.

Before selecting a strain, make your research

The basic fact is that everybody is different and not everyone reacts the same way to various strains. A lot of people prefer to grow their own Indica plants from cannabis seeds for appetite stimulation, pain and sleep while others prefer Sativa for treating depression, boosting creativity and focusing on daytime activities. It is difficult to generalize hybrids because some of them are dominantly made up of Sativa while some others are dominantly made up of Indica. From a technical point of view, all marijuana strains are hybrids because every strain sold at the dispensaries have been mixed with others.

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