Regrow Looks to Streamline Operations and Optimize Cultivation Businesses Using Technology

Growing cannabis, at its base, isn’t complicated, requiring little more than light, water, and a growing medium to produce flowers. Sounds easy enough, and many homegrowers successfully cultivate cannabis for their personal use with little in resources and experience.

Cannabis cultivation on a commercial scale, however, demands far greater attention to variables that affect your output and thus the success of your business. Relying on antiquated record-keeping and informal tracking methods simply isn’t enough. If cannabis cultivators are interested in keeping up with the modern cannabis industry, then a complete software solution that integrates with all aspects of their business is a must.  

The team at Regrow has imagined just that. A software for cultivators, and eventually the entire cannabis supply chain. 

Regrow is much more than just a way to remain compliant, like other less comprehensive programs; it is a means of streamlining every aspect of a cultivation process (workflow, inventory, and operational management) for maximum success. 

Why Do Commercial Cultivators Need This Kind of Software?

I was able to speak with executives at Regrow who share that many cultivators are managing their grows with numerous spreadsheets, whiteboards, messaging programs, clipboards, and sticky notes – all just to keep your operations flowing.

At best, these methods are limiting cultivators from growing by keeping them from benefiting from comprehensive data gathering and analytics, integrated scheduling, and more. At worst, poor documentation is opening their businesses up to costly mistakes and compliance issues. 

Regrow promotes a mobile-first methodology that eases communication and record-keeping and adds cloud-based functionality that puts the powerful software in the hands of your employees anywhere in the field that they have access to an internet connection. 

When the creators of Regrow developed their system, it was to address the need of cultivators for real, trackable metrics that would lead to smart, data-backed decision making at every level of a farm’s process, ultimately improving your operations. 

At its heart, Regrow is a business optimization tool that increases grams (and in turn, revenue) per square foot. But from what they shared, it is capable of much more. Regrow gives operators a clear real-time overview of their businesses, so they can closely understand planting trends and forecast harvest yields, predict inventory use and supply needs, and provide greater authority over actions to cut inefficiencies from their processes. Sounds like a dream to us!

From managers to workers, Regrow is able to integrate with nearly any process or other software to track and optimize tasks and performance. This tracking automation and digitization frees up both managers and employees to actually complete their work, rather than wasting time communicating and documenting using outdated methods. 

Even if companies already have software that they’re using for individual tasks or focused softwares such as accounting or inventory management systems, Regrow integrates with these programs to tie overall organizations together for even greater oversight and control. 

What Makes Regrow Stand Apart?

Regrow is hardly the first integrated solution out there for cultivators, so why should growers even look at their software?


There are many software solutions out there that will help operators remain compliant with local and state cannabis regulations, including batch tracking and more. This should be seen as the base function of these programs. 

As they explained, Regrow moves beyond standard compliance needs. It brings the expansive, versatile approach it uses across all its functions to this core necessity as well. Regrow digitizes record-keeping and provides thorough access to auditors to ease the stress from compliance audits.


Rather than a one-size fits all approach to their operational software, Regrow is obsessed with customization and continuous improvement to keep its software fully functional and relevant. This platform is easily adaptable to a company’s scaling objectives, so Regrow fits any business regardless of whether it is just starting out, still establishing processes, or is one of the biggest players in the industry. 

Founded in California, Regrow has worked directly alongside active cannabis cultivators in the state to create business optimization software aimed directly at the needs of the industrial farmer. What they’ve designed is a platform that is endlessly customizable to fit the demands of a businesses’ individual needs and can expand with the company as it grows. 

Regrow was originally innovated to work with cultivators, but the software can also benefit processors and manufacturers, distributors, and retail operations hoping to streamline their operations, giving it the potential to become the go-to business optimization program for the cannabis industry. 

Coming Soon…

The Regrow team is currently working with its development partners to perfect its platform before being taken to market. However, even after its full launch, Regrow’s core mission of continuous improvement means that the system will evolve with the cannabis industry for maximum benefit. 

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