Travel Is Back, But What Does That Mean for Bringing Your Cannabis?

Cannabis Travel

Spoiler Alert: Vapes may be answer

After being cooped up in lockdown for most of 2020, and 2021 presenting some unique challenges for travelers, people are ready to get out again and they are doing so in droves. According to Expedia, one-in-three Americans say they plan to or have already taken a vacation in 2021.

While the statistics for U.S. travelers to get out and go are strong in 2021 (and have no signs of slowing down) the majority of travel is domestic. But for many, traveling to a place without your cannabis products is more than just a bummer, it’s a non-starter. So we looked into what trends are emerging in consumer purchase behavior of these canna-travelers.

Traveling Trends in Cannabis – Vapes

Whether cannabis users are interested in traveling to states that allow the consumption of Delta-8, (the hemp-derived psychoactive compound that has made headlines recently), or they are simply looking forward to enjoying CBD or THC products in one of the increasing number of recreational or “adult-use” states, trends are starting to emerge that these canna-conscious travelers are looking for products when they arrive versus bringing them along with them. While the TSA did clear traveling with cannabis if you are staying in an adult-use market, it still feels sketchy to board a plane with large amounts of product.

Interestingly, a large percentage of these canna-travelers are most interested in buying one-time use vapes as their consumption method of choice. This may be due to their discrete nature or the fact that you don’t need many pieces to operate them. Whatever the reason, we found it very interesting that canna-travelers are leaning more toward these smaller, more discrete, and portable vaporizers when away from home.

As technology has progressed, disposal vaporizers have met or even exceeded the quality of output of many of some of their more reusable, larger counterparts. With the same power and much lower commitment and affordable price point, it seems obvious that disposable vapes have become the traveler’s canna-product of choice.

Traveler Favorites

The vaporizers that appear to be doing well in this type of market are the 0.3 ml or 0.5 ml varieties. This rings especially true for people who are trying vapes (or cannabis in general) for the first time. Again, they are much less expensive than vapes that hold 1 or more milliliters, and for first-time users, the reward can easily outweigh the risk in terms of price, but knowing they won’t need much pushes them to the smaller size.

Instead of committing to a certain reusable battery that may differ from cartridges available from home, or fear of traveling with the vape, many consumers have turned to disposables. That said, they are not looking for any ordinary disposable. They want products that have a long-lasting battery life and offer high-volume vapor output – and bonus points if it can actually recharge should the need arise.

Meeting Consumer Demands and Exceeding Industry Standards

One vaporizer company that has their eye on this traveler trend and is meeting it head on is CCELL®, one of the world’s leading vaporization technology brands with a focus on creating standard-setting products and advancing vaporizing technology.

In fact, just in time for your “hot vaxxed summer,” CCELL® just launched a new line of disposable vaporizers in 0.5 ml and 0.3 ml tank sizes. This new line of products, which includes four distinct devices, is designed to meet the needs of cannabis consumers, including the benefits discussed above such as their smaller size, their extended battery life and rechargeability, their superior vapor output, and ultimately portability.

“CCELL® is seeing a growing trend in demand for disposable vaporizers. Consumers want to be able to try these products on a small scale, without a major financial commitment, and our new line of disposables allows them to do that,” said Joe Strain, Vice President at CCELL®. “By providing high-quality and safe offerings coupled with the use of the patented CCELL® vaporizing technology, CCELL® allows our customers to have a worry-free experience.”

Designed with patented CCELL® vaporizing technology, the OWA, Poche, Slym, and Memento offer slim and lightweight, yet stylish and functional designs. These design features not only make these products easy to handle, but also make them ideal for meeting key consumer needs, including being discrete and portable.

One of the first vapes from this line of disposables is the OWA Disposable, a high-performance vaporizer that offers a 0.5 ml tank, exceptional safety for users with medical-grade 316L stainless steel cartridge components and a rechargeable battery — great for anyone on-the-go.

Another option is the Poché, which features a large 350mAh battery and a rechargeable Micro-USB port. This allows users to be able to take in every last toke, not waste oil, and have a worry-free experience, no matter how long their vacation lasts.

Beyond these aforementioned trends, the new vaporizers are also going beyond the immediate demands of consumers and aiming to do better than their industry standards when it comes to safety. The new line of vapes also features medical-grade 316L stainless steel cartridge components that not only resist corrosion but also aim to provide users with a worry-free experience. CCELL® has more than 1,000 patents aimed at increasing safety in its products.

What’s Next?

As the world continues to experience drastic changes due to COVID-19, life may not ever be back to “normal,” but even industries that were hurt the most by the pandemic are bouncing back. The cannabis industry, ever resilient and no stranger to change, continues to weather the storm along with users, and companies like CCELL® are meeting their needs and simultaneously keeping their safety top of mind.

You can check out the new line of disposables here

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